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Thu Aug 09, 2007 11:01 am

Hi all,

Just received my first CB rig, with all the bits and pieces to go with it. I'm setting it up tonight and I have New Toy syndrome in a major way!!

Just curious, though - I have a Thunderpole Atom antenna, which has a seperate base-loaded coil, into which fits the whip.
It's pre-SWR'd anyway, but on the off-chance that I need to adjust it, how do I do so?

There's a grub screw that secures the whip into the coil, which I though was the main point to adjust it, although there is only about 1/8" of play in it.
However, it looks like there's also another grub screw at each end of the coil itself, beneath the shrink-wrapped plastic coating. I read somewhere (oh, that fatal phrase) that I would have to peel off some of the plastic and cut the wire.

Which is correct and which of the three screws would I need to adjust?


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Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:12 pm

i would chop a bit off the top end of the whip if it the swr is higer on channel 40 remembering that once its cut off you cant put it back unless your very good with a soldering iron

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